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  • frozen whole cuttlefish

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Seafood quality is important.

If you eat seafood that is beyond its expiration date or that is undercooked, you run the risk of getting two distinct types of food poisoning. The two forms of toxicity are ciguatera toxicity and scombroid poisoning.

1How can I place an order?
You can place an order by visiting our contact page. Or you may contact us directly by:
Email: marketing@jaradahfish.com
Phone: +973 33660370
2What makes us different?

We are known for our quality. Our products are stored in innovated fridges using nitrogen to let crab/jellyfish remain fresh until reaching your stores.

3What are your prices?

Our prices will be given to you upon to your collaborating proposal. However, our prices are fair for the quality you're going to receive. 

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